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Hanna Somatic Workshops teach a method of relieving and preventing pain that isn’t taught anywhere else.  You will relax muscles that haven’t responded to stretching, physical therapy, or chiropractic treatment.  The movements taught in this series are not physical exercises; they are Somatic Exercises – they engage your brain and your body to restore internal control of muscle function that we all lose over time.  The fast pace, high tech, rapidly changing information age in which we now live is continually triggering the stress and anxiety responses in all of us.   Workshops specifically target the areas of the body that are most effected by stress, anxiety, and injury.   Participants lay on the floor as they are instructed through slow, simple movements.  There is no stretching or force involved, and no postures to achieve.  The movements are appropriate and beneficial for all fitness levels.  Learn how to improve your quality of life beyond what you dreamed possible.


SCHOOLS: Integrate Hanna Somatic movements into Physical Education classes to reduce the incidence of scoliosis and prevent injury caused by tight muscles, and children will learn lifetime tools to maintain a healthy spine and healthy breathing.  

HEALTH CLUBS:  Offer members a workshop that will teach them how to relieve muscle tension and pain, and recover faster from injuries. 

ORGANIZATIONS:  Lead your Community in offering this simple, cutting edge approach to being as functional as possible throughout life.
CORPORATIONS:  Promote a healthier, more efficient workforce by giving your employees the skills to release and prevent tight back, neck and shoulder muscles caused by stress and anxiety. 

CONVENTIONS:  Offer attendees a powerful workshop that will relieve stress,relax tight muscles, and teach them the lifetime skill of how to maintain their

own back comfort.

  Indulge your guests in the life-changing experience of restoringfunction and comfort to their spine and joints.

SENIORS:  Relieve stiffness, aches and pain, improve comfort and balance, increase ease of movement, sleep better, and breathe more deeply.

Somatics by Noreen Owens

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