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Private sessions eliminate chronic muscular pain by restoring feeling and movement to muscles that have stopped functioning.  The client usually has little or no awareness of these muscles – this is sensory motor amnesia.   Private sessions inherently go deeper than workshops, as the nature of sensory motor amnesia is you cannot feel what you cannot move, and you can’t move what you cannot feel.

The first session lasts 1 ½ hours and involves taking the client's medical history, including accidents, surgeries, traumas, broken bones, and medications, etc.  Childhood injuries are quite often at the root of adult pain.  The practitioner does a visual evaluation of the client’s posture while the client is sitting, standing, and walking to look for the dominant pattern of sensory motor amnesia.  The practitioner palpates (touches) muscles to determine the pattern(s) of muscle tightness.  The client lies on the table, fully clothed, and Noreen methodically targets the pattern, pandiculating one muscle at a time.  This hands-on method actively involves both the client and the practitioner in engaging the muscles in a counter-intuitive way to restore feeling to movement.  As the dominant pattern is relaxed, subsequent sessions targets the remaining contracted patterns. Most clients achieve relief within five sessions. Following each session, the client is instructed in movements to reinforce the session on their own.  This is an important element in Hanna Somatic Education; the movement routine maintains the muscle function restored by the session.

Each session targets a specific reflex pattern:

  (Triggered by day-to-day stress)
This session can eliminate lumbar spine pain.  It restores comfort and flexibility to your spine, relaxes  tight shoulder muscles, tight hip muscles, and relieves neck stiffness.  Learn how to keep the muscles relaxed on your own.

RED LIGHT REFLEX (Triggered by anxiety)
This session improves breathing, relieves restriction in the chest, relaxes shoulder, hip and neck muscles, improves digestion, reduces anxiety, and improves posture.  This session can also relieve the rounded shoulder posture caused by movement repetition such as working on the computer for long hours on a daily basis.  Learn how to maintain muscle function on your own.

TRAUMA REFLEX (Triggered by injury and surgery)
Simple childhood injuries that we barely notice eventually show up as adult pain.  When children are diagnosed with scoliosis, the only way to eliminate the scoliosis is to restore function to the contracted muscles. The sooner this reflex pattern is dealt with, the better. This powerful session restores function to the muscles of the side and eliminates shoulder pain and hip pain, eliminates or reduces scoliosis or the pain of scoliosis, restores range of motion to the hips and shoulders, expands breathing, and improves posture.  Learn how to maintain muscle function on your own.

Costs for Private Sessions:

1st session – 1 ½ hours @ $150
Subsequent sessions – 1 hour @ $125

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