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I began an earnest yoga practice 20 years ago to help arthritic symptoms in my hips and an anxious breathing syndrome.  When I realized how much time my yoga practice was taking, I decided to teach yoga so as to share its benefits.  You would think by now that I would have figured out how to access and stretch every muscle related to these problems.  What somatics has taught me is that there are muscles I was not accessing even in a highly developed yoga practice.  After each private session with Noreen, I find that I can walk not only pain-free but with pleasurable sensations in those very joints where there was pain prior to the session.  I also find that it's less work to obtain a satisfying deep breath as tight rib cage muscles can stretch more easily.  Finally, my yoga practice is becoming more pleasurable and I feel fine even if I skip a practice - amazing to me as this was not possible prior to my work with somatics. 

Bob Vaccaro, Owner of Yoga By Donation, Portsmouth, NH (2011)


I experienced persistent hip pain for  approximately  a year.  Noreen personalized specific exercises for me to restore my right hip muscle function. The pain soon left. I continue to do the exercises every day and the pain is gone. 

Maddi Alana, Artist, Newcastle, NH (2011)


I’ve had three surgeries on my right shoulder.  I’ve been suffering with arthritis in my right shoulder, both knees, hips and one wrist.  I worked 22 years with two Rheumatologists.  I saw so many hurting people who received the most up-to-date medications and instructions, but never saw any great results.  One week ago, while waiting for an appointment to receive an injection of cortisone, my daughter introduced me to Noreen.  A week later I am sleeping with no pain.  More nurses, doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors need to be given instructions in Hanna Somatic Education. 

Barbara L. Scott, Retired R.N., Ossipee, NH (2011)


While taking Noreen's workshop series, I came in one week with a stiff, painful neck and was reluctant to move.  Noreen suggested the gentle movements would get me through it.  She was absolutely right, within hours the pain was gone.

Gail Mapel, Newcastle, NH (2011)


When I first met Noreen, I was essentially bed ridden with a severe bulged disc in my back.  I couldn’t stand for very long, couldn’t sit, sleep, play my guitar or even lift my kids to hug them.  I had pain 24/7  and was staring surgery in the face.  Noreen came to my house after a big snowstorm (I could barely drive) and explained how she was going to treat my injury.  The first few sessions were difficult but each session was a little easier and my back was slowly getting better.  I also went on a special diet and lost 40 pounds which definitely helped my progress but the somatic therapy slowly allowed me to take back control of my muscles throughout my body.  Noreen is also very friendly and put me at ease for each session.  This helped me to stay focused on the program she set up for me and she also explained each exercise thoroughly so that my home workouts were easy to do.  Today I am playing guitar, golfing, swimming, hugging my kids and enjoying all of it relatively pain free.  When I do have some pain or stiffness, then I simply perform my exercise routine that Noreen set up for me and the pain usually goes away.  I feel like I have control of my life again.  I would recommend Noreen’s services to anyone who wants to avoid surgery and anyone who wants to be relatively pain free of back pain.  Thank you, Noreen.” 

Tom Varnum, President, Stevens Business Service, Inc. (2011)

"I had chronic back and neck pain for years, since 1968, and after learning, and using the simple Hanna Somatics exercises that Noreen taught me, I have virtually eliminated the pain. Somatics daily, especially before and after exercising has been most productive for me. When incidents of pain occur, usually after neglecting my Somatics, simply doing them reduces the pain and speeds recovery.” 

Gene Paltrineri, Gene Paltrineri Photography (2005)


"I've had lower back problems for twenty years, with back spasms more frequent and painful over the last three years. Recent x-rays showed osteoarthritis throughout my spine. I've also had ankle pain for eight years.  After my first session with Noreen I noticed some relief and improvement, but I thought it would be temporary, which it was. The following day I started doing the exercises. To my amazement things started to improve.  I continued on with three more sessions with Noreen, and did my Hanna Somatics faithfully every day. Today I spent six hours on my feet painting a house, climbing a ladder and doing other activities that involved lifting, bending, etc. Tonight I am sitting here typing this testimonial tired from all the physical work, but FREE of any PAIN whatsoever. I'm still in awe of the results I've experienced.”

Dave Nickerson, York, Maine (2005)

Somatics by Noreen Owens

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