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Hanna Somatics
eliminates chronic muscular pain caused by Sensory Motor Amnesia.  Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA) is at the root of most pain.  SMA defines our posture and limits how much we can feel; how freely we can move; how deeply we can breathe; and how comfortable we are.   It is a malfunction in the central nervous system that happens to all of us over time as the unconscious muscle tightening that occurs with stress, anxiety, trauma, or injury becomes stuck in an involuntary contraction.  It feels like the aging process, but it is preventable and reversible.

The pain caused by SMA is usually diagnosed as a structural problem requiring long-term treatment, physical therapy, surgery, or pain medication, none of which will provide lasting relief.  SMA is a functional problem that can be corrected only by relearning how to feel the muscle(s).
Hanna Somatic sessions eliminate pain by restoring communication between your brain and your muscles.   Hanna Somatic workshops teach you to relieve the chronic muscular tension patterns of stress, anxiety and injury.

For self-empowering pain relief that lasts, schedule your Private Somatic Session today.

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Somatics by Noreen Owens

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